" Interior of a villa, which is locates in Monte-Carlo, was designed as private residence for a client and his family for their comfortable stay in the city. The location and the status of the mansion - set the tone for the interior that was designed as the continuation of the idea - a luxurious and comfortable living in Monaco. A large number of extraordinary author's solutions, a use of unusual materials and their non-standard combination making it truly unique. "
The dominant location is a main valuable and distinctive feature of this villa. The relief made it possible to create terraces with different functionalities: the lower level of the parking lot, the garage and the staff house; middle level with swimming pool and the upper level with a lounge area for outdoor relaxation.
"Everything is in details" - the main idea of this interior. The combination of textures and decorative techniques - make this interior multi-layered and intriguing. For example, a golden mosaic uses not only in the decoration of the central entrance door, but also in the decoration of walls, as well as in other objects, which were specially designed by NG-STUDIO for this interior.
"Furniture as an element which forms interior's architecture" is another principle used in this interior. Custom designed furniture, which was integrated into the interior, became its integral part and its continuation. For example, the console behind the sofa combining with the existing pilaster - forms a direction of movement in the living room.
It is difficult professional task - to find a balance of textures and colors in a saturated, rich and highly decorative interior.
A transition of design techniques used from an interior - into the furniture design, when the same techniques and materials uses in the decoration of furniture as well as in an interior, can emphasize a sense of exclusivity.
A contrast and graphical design has become a bright accent in the kitchen. Semicircular satin glass partitions with a milled pattern - made it possible to functionally separate the kitchen from the living room.
A wide chamfer, as a technique used in the design of the kitchen countertop, is reflected in the floor decoration. And the use of Nero Marquinia marble, as a background in the kitchen and in the hall, visually separates functional volumes of the first floor.
The use of contrast combination of materials gives the interior of the guest room a sense of refined luxury, shifting attention from a small area of the room to decorative details.
For example, the combination of semi-gloss wenge veneer finish of the wall panels with a matte suede of wallpapers, a silk gloss carpet, golden accents in details - makes the interior looks like a "jewelry box", where everything matters: from materials and their combination, to a quality of a execution.
Golden finish is a difficult material to use - was applied in this interior very delicately: in the decoration of the table, in the texture of decorative mirror panels and in fabrics. These are nuances which create a true interior.
The concept of "jewelry box" was applied in the guest dressing room which leads to a bathroom. When designing a dressing room were used wall panels in wenge veneer finish in a contrast with the unusual design of the wardrobe doors in a mosaic of bronze mirror with a wide chamfer.
The interior of the private guest bathroom, designed in bright colors, is a vivid conclusion of the entire guest zone. A delicate combination of different materials, such as Bianco Venezia marble, Sicis glass mosaic, panels in bronze mirror - made the interior spectacular and balanced in color. Along the perimeter of marble panels was used a wide chamfer, as it was used for the countertop under the sink.
The staircase is the dominant element of the interior, connecting different floors of the villa when each of them has its own design and function. The art deco style metal fencing adds extra decorativeness to the stairs case, and the use of two different types of marble - makes it visually more elegant.
Exclusive materials, their combination and details elaboration - all this underlines a status of the interior. The walls of the private dressing room were decorated with the panels in embossed suede in combination with champagne colored lacquered profiles and an outstanding bronze textured mirror panels of the wardrobe closet.
The bathroom interior designed is based on a delicate combination of beige shades of marble with a golden tones in glass mosaic and in a decoration of a furniture. The use of the same design techniques as on the first floor - aesthetically unites the interior of the entire villa.
The furniture which was designed for this interior makes it possible to use maximum of the functional space, organize storage systems, and hide necessary inspection hatches. This makes it possible to create not just a luxurious, but also a practical interior that meets all modern technical requirements.
The interior of the master bedroom was based on a contrast: rich colored natural silk wallpapers - framed with volume lacquered cornices. This allowed to break the monotony of walls and expand the interior visually.
Gold is also used as a bright accent - in decorative glass panels on sides of the bed, in details of furniture and fabrics, which gives brightness to this interior, and reflects the principle of decorating the first floor.
Custom furniture, specially designed by NG-STUDIO for this interior, became its distinctive feature, making it truly exclusive and emphasizing a special status of the villa.
The interior of the children's wing is designed in a more modern approach, but with a use of textures and shades distinctive of the entire interior of the villa.
The common space of the children's living room as well as two separate private rooms for each of the children - were organized with the help of a specially designed system of semicircular partitions. The milled pattern adds a decorative touch to the interior, and the vertical inserts made of brushed bronze not only functional as handles, but also visually increase the height of the room.
Each of the children's areas is in different colors, but in the common concept of the interior of the villa. The principle of furniture integration is also used in private bathrooms, which allowed not only to create a functional interior, but also to met all necessary technical requirements.
The design of the terrace is based on a contrast combination of vivid turquoise colour, blue and lemon shades, which reflect colours and tones of landscape and of the sea, but also it make it possible to diversify the monoсromatic palette of the outdoor terrace.
The result was a sophisticated and extraordinary project, interesting and multi-layered which repeatedly reveal itself to a visitor. A large number of extraordinary author's solutions, a use of unusual materials and their non-standard combination were combined by design principles which were common for the interior. A detailed approach to a design and implementation of each element, a transition of textures and shades between rooms, nuances that are visible in a detailed view of the interior, making it truly unique.
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