“ The interior of these apartments in the town of Cap d'Ail in France combined the refinement of the glamorous lifestyle and the relaxing atmosphere of a holiday on the Cote d'Azur. We wanted to express an idea of relaxation with a use of the color pallete specific for this area and with a modern, extremely functional space. ”
The common area of a living zone, dining area and a kitchen is the spacious and a logical space in which specific areas smoothly flow into each other.
Dining table and chairs, Tonon.
The continuation of the living zone is an external open terrace for outdoor recreation.
Outdoor furniture, Braid
The idea of integration of furniture into the existing internal space has helped to transform the architecture of previously existed apartments, but also to make it harmonious and functional - by means of build-in storage systems, where nothing reminds of everyday routine and predisposes to relaxation.
The flow of colors across the rooms of the interior - makes it delicate and supports the concept of harmony and balance, where nothing stands out with its activitieness.
Colours of the surrounding landscape have found their reflection in the interior.
Natural, natural shades (sand, coffee and chocolate) create a background for bright colors of white and green.
The bathroom equipped with a spacious shower cabin.
Antonio Lupi sinks are built into the Corian countertop, with a section with drawers for storing bath accessories.
The vanity furniture with a sink and drawers for bathroom accessories - merges with the minimalist storage system with built-in washing and drying machines.
Guest bathroom has a minimalist design.
The shower area is arranged using a wall shower drain and is separated with a large glass partition.
Guest apartments include all necessary funcional premises and areas. As the main apartments, the guesthouse has a modern sleak design based on bright shades with a bright turquoise color as an accent.
The private zone divided by the colored glass partition into two functional areas - the bedroom and dressing room. Built-in cabinets provide convenient storage and it's design and functionality allow you to maintain cleanliness.
The bathroom designed in based on the colors of the private wing, being its logical conclusion.
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