" One of the main features of this interior is its integrity, specifically a scenario of its disclosure to a viewer.
Starting from an entrance, to a continuation of a living area and to a master wing, as the final chord - it creates an impression of a fashion show, when each element of the reveals its own idea but it is connected with all other details of the interior. "
A first impression creates a common feel of the whole interior. That is why a hall needed to be organized not only functionaly, providing a convenient storage for clothes and shoes, but also a hall has to be presentable and to reveal a concept of an interior.
The wall mirror Longhi, Hall sofa Visionnaire, Console with drawers by NG-STUDIO
The eclectic interior of the guest bathroom contains Art Deco elements, which gives it a decorativeness and dignity. The furniture composition, designed by NG-STUDIO, includes the sink module and the mirror, harmoniously fits into the trapezoidal room, and side panels made of onyx marble with decorative sconces by Sigma L2 - emphasize the symmetry of this composition.
On the wall of the corridor leading to a private area of the apartment, is the decorative panel, designed from two materials: Monaco Light marble and champagne-coloured lacquered panels. The combination of these two contrasting materials, allowes to create a dominant by effectively decorate a wall.
The bright accent of wall which is opposite the entrance to the living room in is the wall-mounted sconce by Sigma L2 with rich decor.
The complex graphic glazing of the partitions in champagne-coloured lacquer finish, as well as the chamfered glass decor - make these partitions an accent elements of the living room.
The kitchen-dining area is separated from the living room by wide partitions - which, if desired, can be slided into the wall and create a large 3-meter, almost an arched passage, connecting the living zone with the kitchen - dining area.
A custom-designed kitchen, with the light-colored lacquer facade and decorated with "foglie argento" decor, combines classical elements with Art Deco notes.
This concept is emphasized with other interior items: a dining table, chairs and a chandelier from Longhi and also with hanging lamps by Sigma L2.
The long wall in the living room was arranged using side vitrines and a central dominant module, framed by a wide cornice. This module with a hanging console was designed taking into account all necessary connections for audio-video equipment.
The private guest zone includes three functional areas: a bedroom area , a dressing area and a bathroom, which were arranged by the wardrobe in wenge veneer finish with decorative bronze mirrors. The headboard wall was designed using suede upholstered modules as a centre with wenge veneered panels on its sides.
A use of the french tree style parquet from natural wenge - makes the bedroom interior more soft and coziness.
Spectacular details such as Sigma L2 wall sconces, De Majo chandelier and Houles tassels on curtains and in textile add decorativeness to the interior.
Sliding doors which lead to the dressing room and bathroom were decorated with a bronze mirror with a vertical pattern. It breaks the monotony of the large wall and visually expands the space of the interior.
The color of gold was used in the bedroom as an accent, and this its found a continuation in the bathroom, as a color tone of the spectacular Onyx Miele marble. Large slabs were cut and installed with the preservation of its natural pattern.
All furniture was custom designed with a use of same materials specific to this part of the apartment.
Careful detalization and the delicate combination of different finishing materials is one of the characteristic features of this interior.
Interior doors, which were designed especially for this interior, have a sophisticated combination of finishes - two shades of lacquer with varying degrees of glossiness were enriched with a central element of a mate bronze mirror.
Baroque-styled door hardware by Enrico Cassina adds a sense of an eclecticism.
The composition of the furniture with the sink, including a mirror - is designed in a more neutral style, in order to balance the intensity of the marble.
The main decorative element of the guest bathroom is a wall in the Onyx Cappuccino marble. Each tile of it were installed in accordance with its natural pattern.
The master wing is designed in more neutral colours, the main color is pearl-blue, which uses in the bed headboard, curtains and decorative pillows. Walls and ceilings are decorated with plaster moldings and cornices. Walls have a particular finish with a pearly shine, which gives softness and elegance to this interior.
The color of the walnut parquet is a dominant, after that was chosen a matching colour tone veneer finish of the cabinet and of the table which were specially designed for this interior.
The furniture of the dressing room is designed to be prestigious and without compromising its functionality and it provides a convenient storage.
Bedside handmade lamps from Sigma L2, coupled with delicate natural fabrics and neoclassical gimp from Houles, gives the interior decorativeness.
The main wall was reserved for the composition of furniture, including spacious cabinets for storing bathroom accessories, a module with drawers for a sink and a mirror.
наты и мебели под раковину с выдвижными ящиками и центральным зеркалом.
All furniture is designed by NG-STUDIO.
The master bathroom completes the interior in the same color as the entrance area - in combination with the veneer finish used for the furniture in the master bedroom and dressing room.
Here, as well as in the hall, have used such decorative techniques as a milled champagne-coloured profile, bronze mirror with the same matte pattern, and also particular furniture handles.
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