" While working on this interior in a prestigious residential complex, we sought to create a presentable and refined interior that is supposed to resemble an expensive accessory, made of valuable materials with perfectly balanced proportions.
The main concept - is a creation of an interior space with a built-in furniture and with transitions of volumes into the interior - allowed to create an integral and extraordinary interior. "
The central element of the apartment is a cubic volume, which divides the space into two functional areas: public and a private.
This "cube" is a storage system, which enclose in itself a volume for a large bathroom. The side of the "cube" from the living room - has a walnut veneer finish.
The moderate use of gold in decor adds a touch of luxury to the interior.
Table lamps Sigma L2.
Suspension chandeliers Cattelani&Smith.
In the lounge area of the living room, the TV is embedded in a suspended panel, upholstered with a genuine leather. The panel is decorated on both sides with Bronzo Amani marble slabs and relief panels. Two pedestals underline the symmetry of the composition.
Sofa, coffee table and armchair - by Longhi Loveluxe.
In contrast to the luxuriously decorated lounge area of the living room, the kitchen is a pure functional volume without unnecessary decoration.
Built-in home appliances and storage system are hidden behind minimalist facades, as a logical continuation of the walls of the hall.
Trapezoid bar counter, in an ebony veneer finish, separates the kitchen from the living room. Implemented on a special project, the counter works not only as a central element in the interior, but also plays a role of an art object.
In order to align the trapezoidal shape of the bedroom, was designed a particular bed headboard with drawers in genuine leather finish.
The large surface of the bed headboard were decorated with a textile wallpappers which in turn have a spectacular and delicate volumetric pattern.
The bathroom walls are lined with two types marble. Bronzo Amani marble combined with a metal profile - was used as a base, and Crema Marfil marble stripes were installed to create a volumetric effect.
The concept of "cube" has found its continuation in the module with a sink, which separates a volume of a shower. The sink, drawers and illuminated mirror are combined into a single composition.
The master bedroom includes two premises: a dressing room and sleeping areas, separated by a central partition with relief lacquered and ebony veneered panels and sliding doors by Longhi.
Bedside tables and chest of drawers with their ebony veneer and genuine leather finishes - create a single ensemble of the bedroom. Bedside lamps Sigma L2
The idea of a integrated furniture allows to use effectively as possible an internal space of the dressing room, and a use of the ebony veneer finish, delicate lacquer and genuine leather - allows to unite dressing room area with the master room.
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