Entrance door Villa in Monaco

In our projects we are always follow the principle of creating harmonious and thought out interiors, where each element has its own unique expressive image. To this end, for the villa in Monaco, we also designed this entrance door, which sets the tone for the interior.
The central decorative element with a murano glass mosaic catches the eye, brings the shades of gold and champagne, harmoniously contrasts with the overall graphic appearance of the door and the interior of the hall.
Despite its decoration quality, the entrance door is armored and has a correspondingly high level of protection. The exterior side of it has a finish, which tone of color matches harmoniously with the facade of the villa.
Concept in progress The architecture of the villa is made on a combination of minimalism with modernist techniques,
with a predominance of white and contrasting elements of dark metal.
The interior is dominated by clean lines and forms, creating a balanced basis for the placement of
the collection of paintings and art objects.
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