Elegant vanity furniture

The main accent in the interior bathroom of the residence in Nice is this furniture composition, which consists of a wardrobe with hinged and sliding doors. The mirror enclosed in a laconic cornice with built-in light. The center of the composition is a chest of drawers with sinks. Laquered cornice as a centre of the composition - decorates the wall finished in onyx marble. 
The mirroried back of an open vitrine enriches the space. A built-in light provides an additional source of decorative lighting in the interior.
A high attention to details and a harmonious combination of materials - give this composition a sense of restrained and elegant luxury.
The central module has four drawers, handles of which are parts of a single composition - an accent and a highlight of this piece of furniture.
Concept in progress The architecture of the villa is made on a combination of minimalism with modernist techniques,
with a predominance of white and contrasting elements of dark metal.
The interior is dominated by clean lines and forms, creating a balanced basis for the placement of
the collection of paintings and art objects.
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