The integration of furniture into the interior

All elements in this room were customly designed according to an exclusive project. Wall boiserie panels, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside chests and bed — all of these elements are designed as parts of a single internal space, forming it in such a way that the interior acquires an effect of a "jewellry box".
The composition of the bed head represents a central panel with leather headboard and semi-columns in a rosewood veneer finish with backlit lacquered panels. Bedside chests are a continuation of decorative columns, a genuine leather is also uses for a drawers.
The design of the central wall, enclosed on both sides with panels in a rosewood veneer finish and with a decorative milled lacquered panels. From the side of the sleeping area there are TV and a base for components.
The wardrobe room also consists of two showcases on the sides with drawers upholstered in leather and shelves and a central module with panels in rosewood veneer finish with hanging shelves and rods.
Concept in progress The architecture of the villa is made on a combination of minimalism with modernist techniques,
with a predominance of white and contrasting elements of dark metal.
The interior is dominated by clean lines and forms, creating a balanced basis for the placement of
the collection of paintings and art objects.
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