“ This style allows to create “lovely and cozy” interiors, filled with warm emotions, laughter at a table, a smell of grandmother’s cake and a long family gatherings around a fireplace. Despite striking differences between Italian and French Provence. The style in general is distinguished by its delicate simplicity and is intended to “serve” the person. "
The Quintessence of French Provence style of this interior - is a combination of a Provence style with a Classical Style. Classic decor and neutral gamma of finishing materials, creates a background for the interior.
The Interior concept and the style of this apartment came to designers of NG-STUDIO through an inspiration from the atmosphere of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, by features of architecture of Cote d’Azur and by the style of life on the French Riviera.
Many shades of blue - is blooming lavender fields, a blue sky and an azure of sea. Careful attention to details in textiles and placed accents in a decoration, make this interior complete and bring into it contemporary notes.
Despite a variety of elaborated details that give this style a sense of cheerfulness and sometimes a bit of irony, the interior is primarily distinguished by an elegance and a restraint - which are emphasize the lifestyle on the French Riviera.
The Italian Provence always begins with the kitchen. Exactly a kitchen is a real “heart” of a house, it unites people and fills a house with a odor that are warm to the heart.This kitchen made in a traditional style: wooden facades in a light colored finish in combination with marble - the Rosso Verona for the worktop and bronze fittings creates a lightsome and soft image, filled with lovely details.
In the spacious living room, also there are interior solutions, which emphasize a charm of the Italian Provence. The combination of different textures in the decoration of walls, such as burnt clay bricks, matte finish of walls and boiserie panels, and the use of a decorative frieze painted by hand - add a particular charm to the interior.
The decor is an integral and important part of the Provence style. All decorations has been carefully chosen to emphasize a refinement and to create a special unique image.
The furniture in a traditional finish of two colors of lacquer applied by hand. Inserts and upholstery from harmoniously selected textiles, together with the general restrained warm color palette - create the basis for the interior of this style.
The calm background of the interior enriches with help of bright and contrast combinations of natural fabrics, a plenty of floral motifs in ornaments and in a decor. One of typical features of the style can be considered as the shift of emphasis towards a decoration and details. It plays a huge role in a forming of an interior. All details should be harmoniously selected: from a profile of a marble top and furniture, up to an upholstery of lampshades and metal handles.
Despite the fact that these interpretations of a Provence interior style are very different from each other not only by interior techniques, but also by emotional images - A feature that unifies them is a desire to create an image of a "real Home”, warm, cozy and charming.
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