Our publications

Our interiors were repeatedly published in professional journals, were nominated and awarded with a number of awards at international concourses. We regularly attend international exibitions, trade showes and monitor trends in the field of design. Some of our publications can be downloaded in this page of our website.
Art Déco sul mare di Monte Carlo Ville & Casali 01/2019 (ita) Luxury lifestyle AEROFLOT PREMIUM 8/2018 (Rus) Residence in Nice SALON INTERIOR 6/2018 (Rus) Interia Awards 2017 Interior of a residence in Nice Moscow 2017 Luxury Lifestyle Awards INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO IN ITALY London 2014 A place of power SALON INTERIOR 7/2016 (Rus) Corresponding to high demands SALON INTERIOR 3/2014 (Rus) NG-studio Sanremo INTERIOR + DESIGN 2/2014 (Rus) Premium interior design SANREMO.IT Jun.2014 (Rus/Ita) Pure relaxation SALON INTERIOR 1/2014 (Rus) La qualita della vita SANREMO.IT Dec/2013 (Rus/Ita) Lessons of purity INTERIOR + DESIGN 6/2013 (Rus)
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