" This theme became fundamental in the development of the architecture and interior of a private house on the shore of Lake Constance in Austria. In this project, the non-traditional principle of architectural design was used" from the inside "- when internal planes and volumes were formed around specific art objects, and an already created inner skeleton of a house. "
The architectural solution of this house is based on the dynamics of horizontal planes and contrast in the decoration of the facade. The special design of a flat roof with a trapezoidal bevel allowed to visually make the roof thin, which gave ease to a very voluminous structure.
The principle of the architecture flowing into the interior is applied in this project in the use of identical materials in the decoration of the facade and in interior solutions. For example, a protruding canopy dynamically penetrates the space and " crashes" into the interior of the hall.
The combination of natural materials in contrast always looks spectacular: travertine with black metal, dark wenge wood with gloss glass surfaces and a rough stone texture. And the use of technically thought-out solutions for the conjugation of planes and textures makes the interior flawless.
The interior of the spacious living room is minimalist, being an underlay for art objects placed in it. Smooth lines and shapes allow not only to organize ergonomic space, but also to give the interior some "softness". Sofas, a coffee table and a chandelier are designed by NG-STUDIO.
The environment is reflected in the interior of the living room: bionic forms of sofas, coffee tables in the form of stones, a Japanese garden - all this combines the interior with a natural landscape that bursts in through panoramic windows.
The outdoor terrace is a continuation of the living room interior. The modular system of poufs, if necessary, allows you to create a variety of free compositions.
The fireplace zone is one of the interior dominants of the living room, where the accent is a panel with a bas-relief in combination with the icon of the subject design - Giorgetti armchairs. The built-in storage system in the corridor is made up of unusual trapezoid panels in bronze, and the modules open from the bottom made the composition more “easy” and graphic. NG-STUDIO.
"Exterior in the interior" - this principle of the whole project. Organized in the center of the building, an island with a bright Japanese maple " crashes " into the internal space and works for all the surrounding rooms.
The home office design is based on dark shades, creating a subdued background for individual bright color accents: Enrico Baj canvases, Giorgetti desktop and B & B Italia couches. The rest of the objects are solved according to the principle of integration into the interior - the dresser at the table as if “grew” from the existing wall, and the bookcase works as a decorative graphic panel breaking the monotony of the wall.
The principle of graphics in the elements and contrasting combinations of materials is also used in the design of the private terrace of the parlour. Armchairs B & B Italia, Paola Lenti carpet.
The dining area is solved on pure forms and a combination of travertine marble with different textures in contrast to the metal in graphite color. The graphics in the interior are supported by the armchairs and the chandelier above the Roll & Hill table. Dining table and dresser, Giorgetti.
The dominant volume is the open zone of the winery from Strato, separated from the dining area by sliding partitions with decorative glass with a texture of bronze mesh. The central element of the buffet for degustations is exclusively designed by NG-STUDIO.
The interior of the kitchen is built on the contrast of light travertine floor and matte graphite-colored facades in combination with metal profiles in bronze, which gives the interior some nuance of “retro” that is supported in the design of bar stools from Delightfull.
One of the wall compositions was solved in the facade finishing with sheet bronze with a non-standard layout according to the modules. The flat surface of the built-in cabinets breaks a row of illuminated glass display cases. The Fenix material used in the finishing of the facades is also used as a tabletop on the island, which creates the effect of a solid cubic volume.
The hall on the 2nd floor continues the overall concept of the interior: the bionic forms of the Zaha Hadid sofa and coffee tables are combined in contrast with the line graphics in wall panels with folding veneer, as well as in metal structures that are the fencing of the second light.
Decorative panels, as well as wardrobe doors. A blue glass partition separates the dressing area from the bedroom area, without visually destroying the internal volume, but setting the color accent to the interior.
The color combination of shades of gray with lemon yellow adds "fresh" accents to the interior. The Giorgetti bed, bedside tables, daybed and coffee tables are designed by NG-STUDIO.
The use of 3D panels as a decorative panel behind the bathtub and in the back panel of the sink, as well as blue glass as a wall panel in the windows, makes the interior of a private bathroom a logical continuation of the bedroom. Natural landscape is an integral part of the interior.
Interior solutions, objects and details specially designed by NG-STUDIO for this interior, make it extraordinary and multi-layered in disclosure.
The landscape is the dominant accent of the guest bedroom, changing the interior around the clock, which develops the concept of floral design in a modern design.
The interpretation of plant motifs in the furniture shapes, the chandelier and the carpet pattern, as well as the use of natural textures in the decoration of the headboard panels and the doors of the wardrobe closet - all this creates a characteristic image of this interior.
The interior of the master wing is decided on the dynamics of lines and materials with a highlighted graphic texture. Travertine with a linear texture is used in the decoration of the walls, which is laid through a metal profile, which creates the dominant element of the interior.
Polygonal shapes of a sofa from Cassina and in the decorative panel of the fireplace continue the concept of dynamic graphics, while specially designed lamps NG-STUDIO add expression to the interior.
The wardrobe room also built on the dynamics of forms - the use of structural profiles with built-in lighting enhances the verticality and the row composition.
The bathroom continues its development of decorative techniques and materials used in the living room - travertine with texture, built-in storage system on the polygonal lines.
The combination of architecture, created on the basis of internal volumes, with extraordinary interior solutions and objects, allowed to create an expressive interior on the subtle interaction of objects of modern art and conceptual design. The result was an intellectual, emotional and extraordinary project.
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