Our specialization

The main activity of NG-STUDIO is architectural design, elaboration and complex implementation of Premium class interiors:
From the initial evaluation of the project and budgeting, selection of the best executants for an implementation of a project, a complete supply of materials and furniture - to a process of construction works organization, delivery and installation of furniture on site, and a "turnkey" delivery of a facility to a Client, including warranty support.
NG-STUDIO also specializes in a furniture design - in collaboration with a number of Italian factories. We elaborate high-quality custom made furniture, as the author of our own collection of furniture and accessories. Also, as part of supply of our projects, we provide a complex of logistic services and of an export of furniture and materials.
Creation of a concept
The first stage of elaboration of an interior concept is - "live" sketch, which allows to feel of an interior "on the tip of a pencil", and to catch an idea which will evolve during a creation of a 3D concept.

With the help of sketches, it is possible to figure out an initial image of an interior, discuss it with a Client and determine a stylistic direction before a 3D concept.
This phase is always full of experiments and creative inspiration, just then an image of interior is born.
3D presentation
Creation of a concept and a presentation of a project in 3D - plays the most important role in a design process. We pay a main attention to this stage, because during this stage - all versions of various ideas and solutions for an interior are elaborated.
At this stage, we take into account real materials, furniture and also we develop a design for prototypes of custom made furniture and equipment which will subsequently be delivered as part of a project implementation.
A confirmed 3D concept for us is a starting point for further elaboration of a project documentation and for a calculating a project budget.
Development of а project documentation
The second stage - a development of project documentation is carried out in several stages, depending on a complexity of a project:
- Basic construction plans for all main technical sections;
- Detailed development by rooms, elevation drawings with indication of finishing materials, sections and detailed drawings of decorative elements of an interior;
- Drawings of a custom furniture and interior items by individual design;
- Explication for finishing materials, drawings for installation of special materials, color scheme.
For each project, depending on tasks and its geography, we provide tendering services and we select necessary executants and obtain all required permits for a project implementation.
We cooperate with local architects and engineers who have licenses for designing individual sections of the project and to coordination of individual sections in local government instances.
Executants, which we select for work, always have appropriate licenses and insurance, which allows them to carry guarantee obligations in accordance with the legislation of a country where the facility is located.
Supply of furniture, materials and equipment
Based on a confirmed project and concept, and on an approved budget, we provide complex supply services of finishing materials, furniture and all equipment and accessories necessary for the "turnkey" project implementation.
Thanks to direct contacts with more than 150 European manufacturers and a convenient geographical location of our studio, we can personally choose materials on production sites and quarries, as well as to monitor a progress of production of an order and to control it before delivery to a facility.
It allows us to minimize risks of obtaining an inappropriate product, and also helps us to reduce significantly time duration of implementation of project.
We carefully select materials and for us is very important their quality and compliance with the approved interior concept.
All materials supplied by our studio have European certificates and warranty conditions, which we support for our Clients.
Logistics and Installation
As part of a complex supply services, we organize a delivery of materials, furniture and equipment. Depending on geography of a facility, we draw up relevant transport documents and customs declarations necessary for a delivery.
During a process of implementation of a project, we organize an installation of delivered furniture and equipment, often using invited experts from relevant manufacturers factories.
We deliver to a Client a 100% completed facility and we support a guarantee for a works executed by our contractors and to materials and items supplied by our studio.
Why do we do this
When creating an interior, we always proceed from the concept and we do not want to be limited to a framework of a one or another manufacturer of furniture.
We often design furniture according to individual design project. Proceeding from the task set, we try to make maximum use of a volume of interior and take into account all technical nuances and engineering systems, providing appropriate access for their inspection.
Furniture concepts
Creation of prototypes of furniture is a difficult and time-consuming work, but it makes an interior exclusive and demonstrates an absolutely individual approach to an implementation of the interior.
We create new forms, experiment with materials and finishing, we find new shapes and images for each specific project.
Individual production
Thanks to close contacts with Italian factories who works with marble, glass and metal, as well as with custom furniture manufacturers, and their wide technical capabilities, we can offer our Clients the most daring and authoritative solutions and implement them according to the project.
We develop unique decors for fences, ornamental marble floors and decorative elements, also create new textures of decorative mirrors and marble surfaces.
Architectural design
NG-STUDIO specializes in private residential architecture, designing family houses and villas from scratch, and also we elaborate an interior as a continuation of an overall concept.
Our projects are characterized by an integral and detailed approach to a design of architectural forms - based on positioning and requirements for an internal volume, we develop architecture of a facility, harmoniously fitting into environment.
A complex approach
Creating an architectural volume from scratch, we take into account all technical requirements, both to a layout of internal premises, and to an engineering equipment, optimally configurating and positioning them in a project.
This allows us to design the most harmonious and completed projects, without compromise solutions.
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