" The main concept of the country house refurbishment was an idea of a modern interpretation of a traditional chalet - a combination of a traditional architecture with elements of modern design. Natural materials with a rough texture used in contrast with the smooth surfaces of plaster, metal and glossy lacquered surfaces. "
For example, the entrance door with a rough and aged texture is combined with side glass transom with a metal graphite finished frame and a whiteness of a glass wall panel.
The main changes during the reconstruction of the house were a roof lifting of the central volume and a insertion of large floor to ceiling windows. It makes possible to break the monotony of the existing architecture and adds an expressive and a modern tones to it. The roof truss became a characteristic element of the living room.
The flow of hues and textures from the exterior to the interior creates a single harmonious image of the entire project, and the panoramic windows “blur” this border.
The sharp graphic lines of the roof truss reflects in the linear graphics of the bookcase and the polygonal shapes of the fireplace panel - these nuances are unite elements of the living room interior.
The mixture of characteristic natural rough textures with ideally smooth surfaces of modern style creates an intrigue in the interior. For example, a headboard made of a set of panels in textured veneer finish - contrasts with the "pure" lines of sliding partitions and modern interior items.
The design of the monochrome interior of the bedroom and the dressing room is based on a combination of contrast textures - large knitted carpet, natural texture of fabric in the dressing room - with smooth surfaces of painted metal and lacquered console.
In contrast to the bedroom area, the private bathroom design is based on light colours. The use of Bianco Venezia marble with a semi-matte texture as a wall and floor finish - makes the interior soft and harmonious.
The interior of the home office - is a combination of natural materials with a semi-matte gloss of metal surfaces. The wall decoration using boiserie panels with different finish materials and with a buil-in light allows to break the monotony of the walls, and also to create compositional accents in the interior - for example, a wall with a fireplace and bookshelves.
All accent elements, such as the wrighting desk of futuristic design with a polygonal metal base, the design of the fireplace and wall lamps, the design technique which repeats polygonal shapes - all these accent elements were exclusively designed by NG-STUDIO.
The guest room has a minimalistic design which based on the principle of an integration of furniture into the interior. The combination of warm shades of veneer with the texture of natural leather and dark metal as finish materials of walls and furniture - unites all the elements and makes the bedroom looks cozy and refined.
The interior of the guest bathroom is built on the combination of two types of marble Silver Gray and textured Bianco Venezia - this contrasting combination of planes enriches the internal architecture of the space. The doors of the built-in furniture near the sink are have the same Bianco Venezia marble finish as the walls.
Landscape design is an integral part of the project - terracing the land allows to distinguish individual functional areas that bring a special image to the project. The result was an interesting and multi-layered project in which traditions and modernity are harmoniously combined.
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