“ The fresh, open and dynamic interior of the villa on the Italian Riviera, harmoniously fits into the architecture and maximally reveals an idea of an interior integrated with the surrounding environment.
“A harmonious modern with retro tones which brings us to the 50s, which were the “golden” period of Italian design. "
In the interior were used ecological materials with natural tones and textures. The honey-colored oak parquet is combined with walnut veneered panels, which uses in the decoration of walls and kitchen facades.

The gray-coffee colour creates a general neutral background, and bright colours of turquoise and blue - bring to the interior a motif of the coast.
The use of built-in furniture as a tool that forms the interior space - allows not only take into account all technical requirements and to create a transition effect of volumes, connecting them into a single integral interior.
Accents items of DESIGN emphasize the image and the personality of the interior.

Suspension lamp - Space Angel by ARTEMIDE.
The landscape and the outdoor terrace with a beautiful panoramic view become a full-fledged continuation of the interior. This zone has become a favorite place for communication and relaxing.White color is mixed with bright accents of green and blue.
The guest room is designed in the combination of neutral shades and the bright veneer texture, in accordance with the concept of the ground floor interior. The bed headboard and side panels - form the interior architecture of the room.

The continuation of a marine theme in the bathroom - natural tones of sand and a bright accent of the aquamarine colored glass mosaic.
Natural shades and textures make the interior of the second floor harmonious and delicate, and the contrast is achieved due to the rough texture of wallpaper and graphic lines of the console.Neutrality interior is the background which effectively emphasizes decorative objects.
The concept of neutral design develops in the interior of the bedroom, where the main accent is pendant lamps KARMAN Le Trulle.
The monochrome interior of the bedroom - allows to highlight a diversity of textures.

Natural bedhead wallpappers work in contrast with the smooth surface of the gypsum lamps, and the horizontal texture of the silk curtains combines with the delicate shine of the satin.
The interior of the bathroom is a natural extension of the bedroom. The concept of neutrality is also expresses in the use of marble and materials of natural shades.
The bathroom leads to a private open terrace with a beautiful view of the Cote d'Azur and Monaco.
The interior of the guest zone is designed on the contrast of colours and textures.
The use of geometric patterns in textiles emphasizes the graphical feature of this interior, and saturated tones of yellow and lime give it brightness and freshness.
In the bathroom were used sandy shade gres tiles with natural texture, which are allocated only the area of the shower and sink.
Remaining walls have a smooth finish, which makes the interior more light and spacious.
Yellow color is used as an accent in the continuation of the guest bedroom's interior.
Neutral shades of the wardrobe room work as a background for the rich color of the greenery of the upper outdoor terrace.
On the lowest terrace locates the private zone with a swimming pool, isolated from the interior of the villa.
This allows to relax as comfortably as possible, as well as to hold noisy parties with friends, without causing discomfort to others.

The exterior is designed in bright colors, where a dominant is the blue color of water and the greenery of the surrounding nature..
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