" The bright and extravagant interior of the penthouse was inspired by the brilliant Art Deco style in its heyday. This interior is distinguished by, extraordinary author's solutions and a specially designed furniture, which makes it unique and exclusive. The use of luxurious materials and their delicate combination - emphasizes the high status of the interior. Immerse yourself in the magnificent and inspiring world of Art Deco. "
The first impression sets the tone for the whole interior; therefore, we've paid great attention to the design of the entrance area. The symmetrical layout always looks solemn, and the contrast solution “from dark to light” additionally enhances the effect, as if inviting the visitor into the interior.
The solution of aesthetic problems goes along with the work on the functional content: thus, the entrance to the dressing room is hidden behind one of the sliding metal partitions, and the lower height of the ceiling is due to a placement of a ventilation system equipment. The hall is dominated by the decoration of the entrance door - a multi-layer round element, which creates a bright graphic accent and it used later in the interior, as a decorative technique.
Sliding partitions, specially designed by NG-STUDIO, not only functionally zone the space, but they also are a decorative element of the interior - the graphic glass enclosure is underlined by a combination of materials. The wide, curved profile in the champagne colored lacquer finish - serves as a handle.Armchairs by Giorgetti.
Table by NG-STUDIO
The theme of a circular shape has a continuation in the living room interior - it allows us to make the interior more ergonomic, with a sense of a movement and with a “softness” of its perception. The central composition, created on the combination of two curved volumes, not only breaks the monotony of the wall, but is also a technically developed element for assembling audio-video components.
Designing interior items specifically for a specific project allows us to solve all necessary aesthetic and functional tasks and helps to reveal maximally the stylistic image of the interior as a whole. So the composition with the large mirror and the console behind the sofa, thanks to the multi-layered structure of the mirror surfaces, not only fills the walls, but also visually expands the space of the living room, reflecting the view from the panoramic windows. Details and finishes of the console and the table in the hall - echo each other's design, enriches the overall concept of the interior in the living room.
The design of the bookcase is an architectural solution that breaks the monotony of the very long wall. The use of common materials in the finishing of the sidewalls, as well as a decorative glass with a metal grid in the rear panel, matches other techniques in the interior.
The chandelier in the living room of Murano glass plays the role of an art object by filling the space in order to balance the rich pattern of the floor. As a result, despite the saturation in the details, the interior of the living room turned out to be very balanced, thanks to the monochrome color scheme with one active dominant color of emerald. The “density” of interior solutions is balanced by a combination of textures of various materials and textiles.
The interior of the dining room is based on two accent points: a painting by Chinese artist Lu Jianjun and dining chairs, the decorative effect of which equalizes the composition of the room. The rich emerald color of the upholstery of the chairs supports the shade of the central chandelier in the hall and continues to develop the color scheme of the interior.The oval shaped chest of drawers harmoniously fits into the curved shape of the central pier, designed as laconic form to be a basis for a dynamic sculpture.
The client's personal passion for sailing and for classic wooden yachts makes the basis for designing of the kitchen's interior.
The use of multi-layered polished varnish in the decoration of facades and panels, Corian - for curved surfaces and bronze in handles, in profiles and in decorative elements - all this creates the image of a classic wooden boat, while retaining the functionality of the kitchen.
The male image in an interior, usually, is expressed in self-centeredness and in maximum personalization of an interior. The Client's passion for classic yachts has found its reflection here - specially designed interior items and lamps allow to stylistically interprete this theme.
The composition with curved side panels and a voluminous bed headboard - emphasizes the main principle of the formation of the internal architecture due to interior solutions. The use of mirrored panels on the sides of the headboard visually breaks the “blank” wall and creates a contrasting play of textures. The dominant elements of the interior are massive pendant lamps made of metal with Murano glass inlays. They fill the space and balance the overall composition of the interior.
The design of the console was inspired by sketches of a classic speedboat. It gave the idea for the entire interior. Lacquered surfaces in combination with sheet bronze and polished metal in champagne colored lacquer - make objects truly luxurious “accessories”.
The bathroom of this “male” wing continues the development of its stylistic theme. The composition with a sink, built into the existing architecture of the walls, is a functional unit with curved side penals which provide a convenient storage for bathroom accessories. The hanging module with build-in marble sink, also has a shape distinctive for a boat.The graphic line of the the shower cabin's profile - enclosure deliberately emphasizes the semicircular shape, while the organized niche of the bathtub with a mirrored back panel not only breaks the wall plane, but also supports the decorative technique used in the composition with the sink.
Natural striato elegante marble was chosen as a main finishing material of walls and floor, where it used in a contrasting pattern. The use of metal profiles not only sets the dynamics of the bathroom, but also graphically fills surfaces of the interior, creating an interesting 3D effect.
The symmetrical layout of the wardrobe underlines the classic method of organizing of a space. The use of open and closed functional furniture modules allows for the most ergonomic organization of the storage system.In addition, the combination of polished veneer with matte genuine leather and with a waxed sheen of metal in the decoration, creates an elegant image of a private “boutique”.
The interior of the private guest wing is designed in favor of eclecticism on the blend of contemporary, art deco and with design elements of the 60s. More modern approach in the interpretation of its design allows to create a visually active interior in small volumes.
So the interior of one of the bedrooms was inspired by the bright and bold graphics of the wallcoverings by Hermes - the color scheme of the interior supports shades and tones of the wallcovering and also continues the color development of the private living room.
The composition of the bed with integrated bedside tables, which shape supports the dynamic lines of decorative screens that form the pier, has become an integral volume-forming element.
Dressing table with its forms supports the design concept of the 60s and compositionally organizes the surface of the wall. The combination of different textures creates a bright and non-trivial interior, the dark background "pushes the boundaries" of the room, and the emphasis is focused on the decorative screens behind the bed. All this shifts attention from a small area of the room towards the design.
Some modern materials can also be used in “wet areas”, such as vinyl wallcoverings from Wall & Deco, which opens up new approaches for a bathroom interior design.Specially designed author's furniture end elements, not only support meet the stylistic decision, but also functionally "equip" the room.
The result is a bright and artistic interior, the unified development of which can be traced from the hall to the last element in the bathroom. A transition of interior techniques, materials and shades, their complex and at the same time harmonious combination - like a real hymn to the Splendor of Art Deco.
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