" The interior of this very impressive apartment located in Monaco had to meet the current trends of modern design, but also retain some respectability and elegant luxury, which corresponds to the status of this real estate.
The combination of two contrasting stylistic trends - styling the design of the 50s and modern Art Deco - allowed us to create a light and non-trivial image, dynamic and multi-layered in its disclosure. "
The interior of the spacious hall sets the tone for the the overall concept of the interior.
The use of delicate materials in the finishings, such as natural silk in combination with a mosaic marble floor, create a neutral base for bright interior items that work as dominant stylistic accents.
The interior of the guest bathroom continues the concept of the interior of the hall and is designed in the same color scheme.
The overall shape and elements of the hanging sink match details of the console and the wardrobe in the hall, which creates the one image of the interior of the entrance area.
The living room is an open space with panoramic windows and have an access to a spacious private terrace, which is an integral continuation of the interior.

The color scheme of the living room is based on neutral gray shades, creating an elegant background for smoky gray-pink and lilac shades in a contrasting combination with the dark blue color, and the metallic sheen of rose gold balances the overall cold color palette of the interior.
The symmetrical decoration of the pier with boiserie panels sets the axis for the layout of the dining area.
The use of the “classical” method of decoration of walls with boiserie panels in a modern interpretation gives the interior an additional elegance and delicacy.
The Lindsey Adelman pendant chandelier in a champagne coloured finishing - has become the central accent of the dinning zone.
In the restrained interior, an important role is played by decorative elements and lamps, which not only stylistically form the image of the interior, but also reveal its individuality to the maximum.
Specifically, individual items specially designed for a specific project emphasize the level of the interior and its exclusivity.
The kitchen area is allocated in a separate volume, located in the central part of the living room's space. Smoky glass sliding partitions allow to zone the space functionally and dynamically, while providing an access for a natural light and also not to close a panoramic view from the living room.
The walls on both sides of the sliding partitions are decorated with boiserie panels in natural silk and custom designed wall lamps, which emphasizes the symmetry of the composition.
Kitchen design presents a new “reading” of modern style in combination with the stylistic elements of the 60s. Vertical relief profiles not only break the monotony of smooth kitchen fronts and the modularity of the composition, but also fulfill the functional role of handles.
Relief facades of kitchen columns in a dark lacquer finishing support the dynamics of vertical lines, filling the pier tightly and visually increasing the height of the room.
The use of metallic lacquer champagne finishing for the glass case column, household appliances module and in additional accessories enhanced the stylization of the kitchen design and supports the overall interior concept of the living room.
Bar stools and a lamp over the island in the style of the 60s further enhances this image.
A private terrace is an essential continuation of the interior, creating an additional separate area for outdoor recreation.
The refined design and use of modular furniture allow to create a dynamic layout of the terrace.
Bionic forms of sofas and tables support the overall concept of the interior and harmoniously fit into the exterior and architecture of the building. The use of natural gamma and natural textures creates a neutral background and does not argue with the color solution of the interior.
The eclectic interior of the guest bedroom is based on a combination of contemporary style with elements of the colonial style in a light modern interpretation.

The mix of complex textures, such as textile wallpaper, decorative pattern of the fronts of the wardrobe, natural fabric with a large texture on a contrasting combination with dark metal and champagne lacquer, create a multi-layered and non-trivial look.
The central and functionally space-separating element is a stand-alone chest of drawers, designed by NG-STUDIO specifically for this interior. Its smooth lines not only correspond to shapes of other objects in the interior, but also make it more ergonomic and elegant, as the dominant accent of the entire interior.
The original elements that enhanced the image of the interior are pendant lamps and a floor lamp, which use a combination of a crystal rock with colored Murano glass, which gives “softness” to a very modern form of these lamps.
The concept of the bedroom found its continuation in the interior of the guest bathroom. This is not only the use of distinctive materials in the decoration, but also the design of individual elements. So, the composition with the sink corresponds with the style of shapes in the bedroom and mirrors in both areas correspond stylisticly with eath other.
For finishing the background, were used large modules of ceramic granite with a smooth semi-gloss texture, which were installed through a dark metal profile. The mosaic arrangement of three types of natural marble based on a floral ornament was used as an accent, which is contrasting to the graphic lines.
The interior of the master wing is made in the style of Luxury Contemporary with a calm monochrome palette with individual elements characteristic of the Art Deco style.
It was a multi-layered combination of materials of different texture that made the interior discreet in color elegant and refined.

Genuine leather in combination with linen texture is in harmony with the delicate brilliance of bronze, and the horizontal texture of natural silk “soothes” the woven texture of the carpet.
The wall behind the headboard is decorated with the help of relief boiserie panels, which create volume and support the style of other items in the interior. Side glass panels create a play of textures and break the monotony of the wall, reflecting the view from the panoramic windows.
A small private bar is designed as an in-built composition with hanging modules in champagne lacquer finish, which have a double lifting top.
Bathroom's design based on bright colors with a combination of contrasting textures and gloss. The main background is decorated with semi-glossy panels made of natural marble Silk Giorgette with the use of a relief profile and a bronze metal insert.

The lit piers are decorated with Bianco Venezia marble with a horizontal texture finishing, which creates an additional multi-layered effect and visually expands the volume.
The side case in marble finishing hides behind its frontal with the same marble finishing as background walls which harmoniously fit it into the overall interior and does not break the symmetry of the overall composition. A sliding door in marble finish leads to a separate room with the toilet, bidet and hand basin.
The complex combination of shades of lilac and emerald is another modern design trend, used in this interior. The mix of dusty pink color and the texture of brushed bronze creates a non-trivial image even in a small space of the guest bedroom.

Original lamps and items of furniture, specially designed for this interior, create a play of textures and give a refined interior some "playfulness."
The use of relief panels in the decoration of the wardrobe and the TV wall - creates a dynamic volume effect, and a minimalist chest of drawers with a mirror “pushes away” and zone the space functionally.
Dressing table with its design supports the overall concept of the guest bedroom.
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