" The style of this elegant and prestigious interior was inspired by the traditional architecture of Monaco and the Cote d'Azur. Contemporary perception of the Belle Epoque style was combined with new design trends. This eclectic approach created a basis for this interior. "
Classical materials such as Carrara Bianco marble, plaster cornices and moldings are combined with dark surfaces of semi-matte dark rosewood and Nero Marquinia marble. The overall color scheme is almost monochrome, a contrast plays the main role in the formation of the interior.
Main characteristics of the interior are: the use of noble materials, restraint color palette and also functionality. The use of natural and classic materials is interpreted in a more modern way - it makes possible to this eclectic interior to have a more holistic image..
The spacious living room has several functional areas - an area with a fireplace, a dinning room and a living area. The entrance is decorated with columns and stained glass windows with a graphic pattern, which makes it more solemn, while at the same time additionally zone the space.
The classical symmetrical layout of the living area emphasizes the neoclassical style. Wall decoration with multi-level panels in white lacquer and ebony veneer made it possible to arrange a long wall and orginize a place for a home Art collection. The subtle combination of materials and textures creates the elegant monochromatic interior.
The uniqueness of the interior which maches a status of the real estate is represented in a contrast combination of noble materials in finishes of furniture, such as nubuck and natural silk wallcoverings, jacquard fabrics from Houles and Hermes, natural marble Giada white.
The wall with a home cinema is arranged by using a massive cornice and panels with dark ebony finish.. It's design is subordinated to necessity of a correct placement of A/V components including a large tv screen.
Through panoramic windows there is the entrance to a private terrace, which is a logical continuation of a living room. The design af the terrace has a "marine" theme and resembles a deck of a luxury yacht - a built-in marble structure with lighting emphasizes the overall image and additionally affects the the living room's interior.
A complex combination of Hermes fabrics with geometric pattern with a smooth texture of natural leather and nubuck in contrast with glossy dark macassar ebony wood - create a unique image and crystal chandeliers from Baccarat adds exceptional luxury to the dicscreet interior of the Master bedroom.
The front wall is formed of symmetrical open bookcases, where found it's place a home collection of a Daum statuettes. Central part is for a large TV screen and a chest of drawers in a more traditional style.
The design of the private terrace resembles a deck of a super-yacht - especially designed furniture is organically fits in the trapezoid-shaped terrace and its details emphasizes the marine stylistic.
Especially designed bathroom furniture is built into the wall - a large frame with cabinets decorated with mirror. Curved forms of furniture with washbasins echo the design of bathtub enclosure on the other side of the bathroom.
The toilet and bidet are located in a separate room behind a sliding door. A high quality Hammam module with a hydro massage from Effegibi is integrated into a niche that makes the interior of the bathroom harmonious.
The same large backlit frame adorns the wall behind the built-in bathtub, which is made of exclusive statuario marble.
The front wall was designed especially designed to place a large TV screen, as well as acoustics and components, which allows to use the cabinets as a home theater. The built-in storage system has a large sliding panel behind which is hidden a wardrobe. The library cabinets has a mirrored back panel that reflects a beautiful view of a private terrace.
A private terrace is a continuation of the interior of the office. The use of a backlit satin glass panels creates a soft evening light, while a decorative floral panels add a color to the monocromatic interior.
Two separate dressing rooms are organised in the Master wing, it allows to separate functionally storage systems. The main one is made using open cabinets with dark wood finishing. A vertical backlight and exclusive accessories make the dressing room very exquisite.
A smaller wardrobe is made using a system of back panels and hinged shelves and drawers, which allowed to use space more efficient. By using textured fabric from Dedar with geometric pattern as a backdrop - makes this wardrobe more fashion.
The eclectic interior of this bedroom is designed by combining elements of art deco with oriental notes. A sophisticated combination of materials and textures makes this interior layered and emotional.
A curved wall decorated with silk wallcoverings with an oriental hand-printed design, organize a place for a bed with night tables. Elegant applique from Sigma L2 with ceramic base in metallic finish give a special chic to the interior.
Built-in wadrobe, designed by NG-STUDIO especially for this project, is decorated with textured fabric from Dedar and harmoniously fit into the interior. Decorative pilasters in champagne lacquer complete the overall image.
The interior of the private bathroom is a continuation of the bedroom's interior - bespoke furniture harmoniously integrated into the interior and provides efficient storage space for bath accessories.
The elegant mixers from THG Paris with Lalique crystal in combination with wall lamps from Barovier give a special chic to the bathroom.
Natural marble Bianco Benezia with a smooth pattern creates a backdrop for decorative inserts made of excusive marble Callacata Gold with unique brightly pronounced pattern.
A decorative faceted profile in lacquer color champagne touches the decor used in the bedroom.
The guest bedroom near hall is decorated in neutral shades of gray combined with dark ebony and bronze metal in the furniture. Textured fabrics with a geometric pattern from Hermes add a modern touch and create a balance in the neoclassical interior.
The combination of textured fabrics from Hermes with a glossy sheen of silk wallcoverings from Dedar, natural texture of parquet in a smoky shade with glossy of a dark varnish of bedside tables by Nino Galimberti - all this create an elegant guest bedroom.
The private guest terrace has some colonial charm - the use of a forged furniture in combination with a natural texture of fabrics - create a cozy interior as a continuation of the quest bedroom.
The build-in custom cabinet designed by NG-STUDIO speccially for this project is harmoniously integrated into the room. The the functional division of the built-in wardrobe allows to solve several tasks. Dark volumes vith open shelves and dark mirror break monothonu of the facade and organize a plase for the home collection of Daum.
The interior of guest bathroom is made in neoclassical style with a contast combination of a polished ebony and a semi-gloss marble Silk Georgette. The graphical design of the mosaic is based on the Dedar fabrics from the guest bedroom, which creates a decorative accent in the shower.
This guest bathroom is divided into two parts - one with the shower has access from bedroom and could be closed with a sliding door from the room with a washbasin and WC. The last one in its turn has access also from the entrance.
The interior of the guest bedroom is made in a more traditional neoclassical style - the combination of a dark polished varnish with textured fabrics with geometric patterns creates a noble image.
The walls of the bedroom are decorated using wide lacquered in white cornices with an insert from dark bronze. Textured fabric from Dedar is used as a wall decor inside frames.
The use of cornices as a wall decor allowes to break the monotony of long walls and also helps to organize a harmonious arrange furniture and wall lamps.
A wide lacquered white cornice in the center creates a place for a wash basin furniture with drawers and a mirror. On both sides there are built-in cabinets in ebony finish. The upper wall decor echoes floor design, they both are made in marble mosaic with the cannage pattern, which gives elegance to the bathroom's interior.
The lower part of the bathtub made by Villeroy & Boch is made in the shade of graphite, which supports the contrast image of the interior.
The large shower with a marble floor and a build-in drain is planned in the niche which visually expands the interior.
The kitchen's design and its composition were especially made by NG-STUDIO for this project. It allows to use interior space more effective in accordance with ergonomics and funtionality.
Boiserie panels in white lacquer finish with nickel profiles decorate a long wall and organize a place for a table on a backdrop of the vinyl wallcoverings with an natural linen effect. Panels with bronze mirror visually increase the space and Vienna chairs add a special charm.
Bespoke furniture with a washbasin is harmoniously integrated into the niche, including sospended module with drawers. On a left side behind a mirror with a chrome decor there is an additional storage for bathroom accessories.
It is also designed by taking into account a general stylistics of the apartment - built-in home appliances and thoughtly planned storage system have a neoclassical wrapping.
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