Villa in Monaco

This project is noticeably different from other interiors with its numeours extraordinary solutions that require not only accuracy in designing process, but also a great attention during production and installation.
One of these challenges was an ornamental marble floor in a cosmatesco style in an unconventional modern black and white interpretation.
The internal volume of the villa has an irregular in shape and with use of  decorative rosettes of different diameters -  were allocated functional zones of a future interior. And the decorative ornamental board around the perimeter - gave completeness and underline the high level of work performance.
As a background for the living-zone - used a Striato Olimpico marble, which has a distinctive linear pattern with a “contrasting” layout. Nero Marquinia marble used for the entrance hall and in the kitchen - as the background, which help to separate visually these areas from the living zone.
The decorative border with a geometric pattern was made by separate modules, each of them have an exact configuration and place according to the corresponding pattern.
A wide double border emphasizes the curve of the semi circular sliding glass partitions, which separate the kitchen from the living zone.
This required an absolute accuracy not only in the design, but also in a production performance of all contractors - marble, glass and metal with a high attention during an installation on site.
Ornamental rosettes, the installation of a "background" marble in a total accordance with a layout and the use of an ornamental border around the perimeter - all this made it impossible to cun any tile or marble element on sit, during an installation. The implementation of this marble floor, which had installed on site without a single cut, has become possible thanks to the highest professionalism of the performers and personal control over the work.
The geometric pattern "deforms" and follows the configuration of the walls. The thickness of the wooden lacquered plinth, has also taken into account, which also made on individual patterns. It is these details that show the complexity and level of work performed and make the interior a truly Premium class.
When working with marble, the material itself is often inspires to work with it. This was the case with Silver Wave marble – we found slabs with such a unique flow-like pattern and color tone, which matched with other materials, used in the interior. That this marble has inspired us to use it as a decorative panel in the living zone.
The marble slabs were open book cut according to the design and decorated with a bronze metal profile on the perimeter around the perimeter. Wide bevel with an insert of a metal profile gave a final touch to this element, making it accent in the living room area.
"Ideas must come to life."
The production capabilities of our contractors allow us to create ideas from scratch and implement them.
So as an interior accent in an entrance hall, we designed a console with an unusual forged base with the aged bronze finish and with a veneered table top.
The result is an extraordinary object, implemented in a total accordance with the original 3D concept - which creates the first impression of the interior of the entire villa.
We designed the metal stair fence with Art Deco style notes, using two types of finishes: matte texture of graphite color as a background and metallic champagne colored lacquer for decorative elements.
“Not only to create an idea, but also guaranteed to be implemented” - this is the professional task of an interior designer.
Thanks to many years of experience and established contacts with many factories, we can surely brign into life any ideas.
So the bar table was designed taking into account the layout of the kitchen, and itssemicircular shape allowes not only to “soften” the 90 degree angle of the wall, but it also supports the theme of the circle in the interior.
The "multi-layered" base in three finishes - emphasizes the curve of the top, and the use of a smoky mirror - breaks the monotony of the frontal surface.
While designing an interior and developing a 3D concept, solves stylistic problems and helps to determine a color and texture scheme of an interior. These first decisions taken into account in further selection of finishing materials and textile.
Definitely, during an implementation process, it is possible to replace certain materials and objects, depending on a difficulty of their production and the final cost. We always strive for a balance and we try to find an optimal solution for an implementation of a confirmed interior concept.
Consequently, the final result corresponds to the original concept of the interior as much as possible, with some minor changes which were made in an implementation process of the project, but not violating the overall image of the interior.
The selection of materials corresponding to the design concept is an important step of the project implementation phase.
Exactly, a knowledge of materials and a zealous work on their selection - what it makes possible to guarantee a complete implementation of interiors.
Unique interior items, which were implemented in accordance with an individual design project - is the quality of truly exclusive interiors. Design is always subjective - but the guarantee of project implementation, corresponding to the 3D concept, is the strength of our studio.
A final result of this project you can see in the "PORTFOLIO" section.
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