Apartment in Ospedaletti

The eclectic interior of these apartments can be described as a mixture of traditional classic Italian interior with modern trends in design and technology. This combination made it possible to harmoniously fit the future interior of the apartments into the classical architecture of the residence on the Ligurian coast of Italy.
The elegant and harmonious interior is characterized primarily by the adjusted proportions of all its constituent elements. To this end, we have implemented a number of solutions. All built-in furniture and doors were created on an individual project - thus, we focused on the creation of verified and detailed works of built-in furniture, not limited to standards.
Carefully selected shades and textures of noble finishing materials made it possible to create a calm and verified basis for this stylistically complex interior. The conservative color range, enriched with mustard color, is complemented by bright and sometimes ironic details.
The integral image of the interior, combining all the elements of the interior, was achieved thanks to a single color palette of finishing materials and fabrics. The classic decor of multi-level ceilings echoes the architectural style of the residence, and the clean lines of furniture and the contrasting combination of finishing materials bring modern notes to the interior.
Taking into account the high ceilings, great attention was paid to the design of walls and ceilings. Decorative painted frieze with the effect of marble is a necessary design element, which is coupled with high gypsum classic eaves - not only allowed to combine walls and ceiling with a soft transition, but also visually reduce the height of the walls, making it more proportional.
All doors and sliding partitions were designed according to an individual project and created specifically for this interior. This approach is due not only to the proportions of the interior, but also its status. All elements were made in full compliance with the project and the details of finishing were carefully selected.
High glass partitions with graphical glazing made of profiles in the decoration of delicate champagne varnishes - separate the living area from the kitchen and dining room. Born from the functional need to isolate the kitchen area at the time of cooking, they became an accent element of the interior that visually unifies and enriches the interior of both zones.
The design of the kitchen furniture composition is subordinate to the functionality and created with all the necessary technical requirements. The kitchen island, also created by NG-STUDIO, separates the kitchen zone from the dining zone.
Despite the apparent restraint of the overall range of the interior, a large number of types of finishing materials were used, which was due to our desire to create a harmonious and stylistically complex interior.
A subtle contrasting combination of classic style with modern is visible in all rooms. The modern design of the textile curtains and pillows is complemented by a classic braid. Modern handmade gloss ceramics combined with an extraordinary interpretation of classical ornaments in gold décor in handmade table lamps.
All fabrics for the interior - upholstery, curtains, pillows and linens - are natural. When selecting fabrics and decor items, all elements and interior finishing materials were taken into account.
The use of furniture created according to an individual project, like this composition in a bathroom, allows you to achieve maximum functionality and at the same time create an expressive and spectacular piece of furniture.
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