Residence in Nice

The interior of this apartment was inspired by the French Riviera, a splendid architecture of the residence in the style of Belle Époque and the magnificent view from the windows of this apartment to the Promenade des Anglais.
For this balanced interior, a basis was the delicate work on details and nuances, the combination of which created a single scenario for the interior development.
During a selection of materials, special attention has been paid to color characteristics and textures. For a pavement was chosen a particular marble Monaco Light of a rare grey-coffee shade of color, which set the tone for the whole interior.
The furniture composition for the wall with a tv - was specifically designed for this project, taking into account the need for placement of audio-video equipment and technical requirements for cable routing. The rear wall under the TV in suede finishing is detached from the wall, which allows to pass over all necessary cables. The arranged side niches with built-in light for a placement of speakers visually reduce their size.
The delicate combination of textures and colors - gave the monochrome interior a certain multi-layer quality: the ornament of the sliding partitions echoes in the pattern of curtains and decorative pillows, and the blue color in the upholstery of armchairs, in the decoration of table lamps, continues the color of the azure sea, bursting through the windows into the interior.
The proper layout of the space allows to organize all necessary functional areas, but also to make their use convenient in everyday life. For example, glass slide partitions with decorative glazing, separate the living room area from the kitchen, eliminating an odor and sound when cooking. At the same time, their design preserve a visual integrity of the common space and adds a possibility of combining these two areas.
The original decorative relief glazing on both sides of partitions with a glazing bars in champagne coloured finish and with a glass milling, makes these functional partitions a dominant accent of the living zone and kitchen-dining room.
The kitchen furniture was implemented in a full accordance with a project of design, taking into account non-standard measures and a particular configuration of the existing walls. This approach allowed to blend harmoniously the furniture composition with the existing internal architecture.
Milled lacquered facades of the kitchen, are delicately decorated with a foglie d'argento finish. The wide facet of marble counterktops matches with decorative elements of the kitchen in the form of a pyramid.
The decorative glazing of the glass doors of the kitchen is combined stylistically with the pattern on the sliding partitions and underlines an exclusivity of the interior, where a nuance or a decorative solution echoes the other. Azure - blue color is also supported by the finishing of dining chairs by Longhi Loveluxe.
During a work on a project, an important characterizing point is to guarantee the result, in other words fully implement a proposed and confirmed concept of a future interior.
An experience and technical production base are both important here, allowing to implement non-standard solutions. And also, a knowledge of materials and an ability to adapt ideas in order to find compromises which not violates a overall concept of interior.
Work with materials and textiles is an important phase in a process of an interior's implementation.
Exactly, the combination of materials, the contrast of textures, the flow of shades and colors make the interior harmonious and multi-layered.
The built-in furniture specially designed for the project allows to align visually the irregular geometry of the space, and original decorative details emphasize the exclusivity of the interior.
For example, the central ornamental handle of the wardrobe, which design is heavily influenced by floral motifs of the Art Deco, is a bright decorative accent of the entire furniture composition. These motifs are continued in decorative elements of other interior items.
The drop-shaped writing desk harmoniously fits into the specific configuration of the master bedroom. Its custom design allowed to take into account all requirements for equipment and to provide places for a routing of wires.
The combination of color palettes, finishings and materials of the bedroom with the living zone, gives a visual integrity to the apartment, "completing" the overall scenario of the interior.
For the bathroom, was designed and implemented the built-in furniture composition with penals for storing bath accessories and with a central dominant module with sinks and a mirror. A detailed elaboration of decorative elements and a combination of different textures make the bathroom's interior an extraordinary and elegant.
Art Deco ornamental handles are the decorative dominant element and presented in various interior items, which creates a harmonious overall picture of the apartment.
Furniture design is the strength of our studio - we are not only full of ideas and we are ready to create custom furniture for each of our projects, but also we have at our disposal a production base, which allows us to implement with a high quality all extraordinary ideas.
So for the guest bathroom was designed the furniture composition with hanging trapezoid module, built-in mirror and side panels made of Onice Ivory marble. A Monaco Light marble countertop with built-in marble sink, with its wide facet around the perimeter, completes the composition.
Extraordinary design, based on nuances; detailed elaboration of decorative elements in combination with high-quality execution - all this make this interior refined and luxurious, harmoniously integrated into the residence's architecture and continuing the image of an exquisite life on the French Riviera.
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