Suspended vanity console with the sink

When designing this expressive vanity furniture, we sought to use every inch of the space. The composition includes not only a suspended module with a sink, but also a backlit mirror, encased in a marble panel.
At the small sizes, we have succeeded to attain a maximum internal volume of drawers. The side section in the champagne colored lacquer finish also has a storage space.
A countertop made of artificial stone with a wide facet perfectly matches the natural marble finish of the wall, but unlike marble, it is more unpretentious.
Concept in progress The architecture of the villa is made on a combination of minimalism with modernist techniques,
with a predominance of white and contrasting elements of dark metal.
The interior is dominated by clean lines and forms, creating a balanced basis for the placement of
the collection of paintings and art objects.
Десктоп версия