Console for an entrance hall

A light and elegant look of this console, which combined aesthetics with functionality, made this item of furniture in demand in many of our projects. Shades and tones of finishing aterials -  walnut veneer, viola colored nabuk and an elegant champaigne colored lacquer - resonate in other elements of the hall's interior, which allows to form a harmonious and luxuroius space.
The elegant curve of the base, in the champagne lacquer finish - gives the console a special expressiveness. Top and drawers have a walnut veneer finish, laid out at a 45 degree angle.
Concept in progress The architecture of the villa is made on a combination of minimalism with modernist techniques,
with a predominance of white and contrasting elements of dark metal.
The interior is dominated by clean lines and forms, creating a balanced basis for the placement of
the collection of paintings and art objects.
Десктоп версия